WE9LE Online Server

URL www.wap.ovh
Registration www.wap.ovh:8180

How to play online?

Game installation

If you don't have WE9LE installed on your PC, follow this guide to do it in a few steps.


  1. Go to: www.wap.ovh:8180
  2. Enter the serial key: NXUD-PACV-EM2X-KPC9-6AYU
  3. Choose a username and a password


  1. Open the configuration file kitserver\network.cfg
  2. Change the value of the field network.server to www.wap.ovh

Warning: you also need to open the 5739 UDP port on your router to start an online game.


  1. Start the game
  2. Select Network
  3. Check the serial key
  4. In the field Password, enter your username and password separated by a single dash: username-password

If you encounter issues to play online, ask for support in the Discord server below.