WE9LE Online Server

Installation guide

This guide aims to detail the steps to install and configure WE9LE on Windows with the 2014/2015 database from viktoristus.

Note: this patch does not contain any graphical and sound kits.

  1. Game installation
  2. Patch installation
  3. Option file installation
  4. Settings
    1. Screen resolution
    2. Basic settings
  5. Common issues
    1. I can't configure my controller

Game installation

  1. Download the game installer (1.9GB)
  2. Decompress the archive
  3. Launch setup.exe
  4. Wait during the installation

The game is now installed as a Windows program. We can apply the 2014/2015 patch.

In the following, we call installation directory the folder where the game was installed, usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\WE9LE.

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Patch installation

  1. Download the 2014/2015 patch (307MB)
  2. Decompress the archive
  3. Copy the content of Winning Eleven 9 Liveware Evolution
  4. Go to the installation directory
  5. Delete all files in the installation directory
  6. Paste in the installation directory the content previously copied
  7. Launch kitserver\setup.exe
  8. Select WE9LEK.exe
  9. Click on Install, or if greyed out, click on Remove then Install

Tip: check that the game starts successfully by double-clicking on WE9LEK.exe in the installation directory.

The patch is now applied. The next step is to install the option file containing the 2014/2015 database.

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Option file installation

  1. In the installation directory, copy the option file offline-database\KONAMI-WIN32WE9KOPT
  2. Go to My Documents
  3. Create or go to the directory KONAMI\Winning Eleven 9 LIVEWARE EVOLUTION\save\folder1
  4. Paste the option file in this directory

You can now launch and enjoy WE9LE! However, it is advised to quickly check the following settings.

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Screen resolution

  1. Open the file kitserver\kload.cfg in the installation directory
  2. Depending on your screen, check or modify the value of:
    • dx.fullscreen.width
    • dx.fullscreen.height
  3. Save the file in case of changes
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Basic settings

  1. In the installation directory, launch settings.exe
  2. In the Display tab, configure the graphical option as you like
  3. In the Player 1 tab, configure the keyboard and/or the controller
  4. Click on OK
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Common issues

I can't configure my controller

To configure a button, click on its symbol on the left or right column (highlighted in red in the picture) then push the button on the controller.

To configure a button, click on its symbol on the left or right column
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